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    Help with downloading images from iPad/iPhone
    Is there a way to download images from my iPhone/iPad to my wife's iPhoto account? We have 2 different logins (hers and mine), but it is a pain to login to her account to down load the photos (we want to keep them all in the same iPhoto library.
    Thank you

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    I'd suggest a cloud storage service like (15GB free storage -- if you would like 20GB free here's a referral code). If you think you can get by on 2GB free space then Dropbox has a nice interface for photos. Another and possible much better option is to open an account on Flickr, which offers 1TB of space and is obviously very photo-oriented (does support video as well, however).

    I'm also looking forward to seeing how Cloud Drive evolves and plan to get the 20GB for $1/month plan from Apple when it arrives this fall.

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    Of all the things that were lost in the transition from Mobile Me the disk space is the one I missed. It was easy to create a link so someone could upload/download files assuming it was someone you trusted.

    I'm looking at and will probably use that. I think it will be a more useful setup than SkyDrive.
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