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Thread: PSE or CS2?

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    PSE or CS2?
    (Photoshop Elements, Photoshop CS2)

    I know this is a very common question, but I though that I would ask it here for some more advice.

    Obviously, the main incentive with PSE is the fact that it is far less expensive than CS2. However, CS2 is what I am used to and it gets alot more glory than PSE.

    Can I do photo manipulation in PSE like I can do in CS2? As in digital art and editing photo's and creating my own images?

    I have heard that PSE does %90 of what CS2 does, but I haven't been able to verify that.

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    Elements 3, from what i read, with some little additions can be just as powerful as photoshop 7, thats all i know

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    Unless you plan on doing professional work (ie: use PS for a living for your job and primary source of income), then there is little need to get CS2.
    Elements would do you just fine for anything non-professional.
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    download the trial of elements and decide if you like it compared to cs2.
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    You could also download adobe's beta test of Lightroom. It is slow and just in beta2 however it works pretty well.

    Download PSE4, there are many many things in Photoshop CS2 that are not in PSE4 however most of these are really not for anyone who does not wish to spend hours playing with photographs.

    If your a student, CS2 is not that expensive go to

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