I'm working with iPhoto 6.0 and have made smart albums for birthdays, holidays, etc.

I've just recently imported photos from a few years back that weren't in my iPhoto library until now, so, it's a brand new roll containing photos that are 2 years old. The problem is that my smart album places this roll at the bottom with my newest photos instead of at the beginning of the roll, where it should be.

If I change the view to "by Date", the problem is remedied, but all the photos are crammed together chronologically in a super long roll. That's not what I want; I like to have the rolls showing with their titles whithin the smart albums.

Even if the date on the roll is clearly 2004, it's as it iPhoto sorts it by film roll number. Is there anyway I can convince iPhoto to put this roll with my other old rolls, where it belongs?