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Thread: iPhoto Sharing

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    iPhoto Sharing
    I have iPhoto 2, and my wife has version 5. I would like to share photos between the two of our computers via our LAN, but I haven't found anything that looks like it's built specifically for this purpose.

    Everything that I have found is:
    a) meant for publishing photos to a web site/server
    b) not compatible with our versions of iPhoto
    c) not functional on OS X 10.3.9

    Does anyone know of any software that's available for download that would do this? Preferrably freeware, as I could purchase iPhoto 6, but I am not willing to spend the money just for this feature.

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    I did this lastnight with my ibook and Mac Mini.

    I located the Mini on the network, (All my iphoto / itunes stuff is on a external drive), I located the drive with the stuff on it, and just pointed my iphoto to that directory.

    You also need to make sure the 'server' or the other machine has the file sharing ports open (this can be done via System Prefs > Sharing)

    I hope this helps you out.

    You can also browse to the other machine by typing afp:// (provided your network is behind a router) just type this afp://IP OF OTHER MACHINE

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