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    Upgraded to iphoto 6.0
    I just upgraded from a B&W g3 to a mac mini. In iphoto 6.0 on my mac mini I was trying to attatch some photos in an e-mail and I could not find my folders or see my jpeg images as I would try to attatch them. On my B&W g3 with iphoto 2.0 when I would attatch a picture I could actually find the folders and see small images before I would make the attatchment. The only thing the mac mini does is give me info about the image. It does not actually let me see the image. Also I could not see the seperate folders as in my B&W g3. My B&W g3 had Tiger and the mac-mini has 10.3.9 Panther. The mac-mini's version of iphoto is the latest one though. I need some help someone please.

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    When you add pictures to your e-mail the screen looks kind of like this.

    Notice the View icon (with three selections) that says it will display it in a list. What you need to do is select the 3rd icon in that list which will display it as icons as well. It will look like this:

    I hope that make sense.

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    Thanks for the response. I did select that icon on it. I cannot see the jpeg image as I am attatching it to my hotmail or trying to upload it to ebay. If I go into the harddrive and look for the images, the images come up and I am able to see them. It is just when I try to attach it to an email through hotmail or trying to add an image on ebay, this is when I only see the information of the jpeg and not the image. Is this because I am running Panther 10.3.9 instead of Tiger as before? Is it a setting that I have missed?

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