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    May 30, 2013
    Hi folks!
    I have downloaded Drawberry vector app. So many reviews say that it is an excellent free app but I cannot find even one in-depth tutorial. If anyone has a thorough walk-through I would be grateful to get it. I've tried and tried with the program to no avail, yet I have conquered Carrara Pro. Any tutorials at all would be much appreciated. Thanks. Longtimemacman.

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    Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be very much pertaining to drawberry anymore, sadly it's quite dated. Doesn't look like it has been updated in quite a while. I'd suggest maybe trying some newer utilities, they might work better for you.

    iVinci is a "free" vector application that is super easy to work with, the pro version offers more features, but if you're just doing simple edits, the free version might be adequate enough for your needs.

    iDraw is a paid app but they offer a 30 day demo and I would say it's definitely worth trying out at least. They just updated it too, so there's all kinds of fresh stuff in it. iDraw - Mac Illustration and Graphic Design

    Sketch is also another amazing vector application, they offer a 30 day trail as well ; Sketch | The designer’s toolbox

    Inkscape is another great free alternative, however getting it running can be a little difficult if you're not familiar with using apps that work with x11, it can be funky to get running on Mountain Lion, but it's a pretty good application. Inkscape. Draw Freely.

    If you're familiar with Carrara Pro and are looking for a free application similar to it, you might check out Blender, it's free and it has a huge community following it with tons of tutorials and information.

    Hopefully those offer you a little more useability than drawberry and make your experience a bit better. Good luck!

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    May 30, 2013
    Hey thanks Ghostshadow. I have noted all your suggestions and will look at each. Thanks again for a great response. Longtimemacman. Queensland, Australia.

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