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    Retina display for photo editing
    Looking at the beautiful retina display I'm wondering if it is useful for photo and video editing on a MacBook Pro. What I mean is, will the images look nice on the retina display while editing but bad on a standard display.

    I had this problem when I started editing on an iMac. I previously edited on a Dell xps laptop and when an image looked good on that display, it looked incredible on the iMac.

    Any thoughts?


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    The short answer to your question is yes. The Retina displays are more colour-accurate than most desktop displays, and consequently are extremely good for photo/video editing and colour grading.

    Retina Display MacBook Pro for Calibration and Photography | CDTobie's Photo Blog

    (bear in mind that this was written in 2012 and so his remarks about Adobe tools not being up to Retina quality no longer apply)

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    Thanks Chaz. I've decided to buy one after multiple visits to the apple store. Parting with $3k+ has slowed me down just a bit. I did manage to repair my power cord on my dell xps but its days are numbered


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    yes retina display will make your images look good but it can also depend on the image format in which you are saving the image usually a png saves in lossless format try using png instead of jpg may be u will see better results.

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    I usually save in tiff while I'm editing and deliver jpegs to my clients. I hadn't thought of the png format. The main issue I currently have with my imac is my final edit that looks good to my taste in saturation/exposure looks flat and washed out when I view on my dell xps or PC desktop. When I do the reverse and edit on the laptop, it looks good on the iMac. I guess the solution could be to tell everyone they must go buy a retina display to view my images


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    @arthur30, most photographers save their images in RAW, but export them to Tiff or Jpeg depending if its for actual photo printing or uploading to the web.

    @PhotoFlyer, the iMac displays are (or should be) color, contrast and gamma calibrated. If they look like smack on another computer, chances are really good that their monitor isnt calibrated or just crap monitor.

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    I have both an iMac and rMBP. I use them both for photo editing. The iMac and the rMBP are both calibrated and profiled, but what amazed me was how good my rMBP was straight out of the box. The colour gamut is very close to that of sRGB so this may contribute to the quality.

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