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    Is there any way to recover the data on my SD card?
    I was copying an SD card I use to shoot video with a Sony XA-10 camera. The card reader accidentally disconnected while copying.

    I know have no good way of getting the data.

    I tried using ShotPutPro but I get an error after 5 seconds. I cant copy from the Finer. I get the "error -36." I used Drive Genius 3 and it recovered data....but it only recovered it as a bunch of .mts files, so it has the data but not in the regular format. I tried copying directly from the camera but I got an error message after a few seconds too.

    I dont know what else I can do. Anyone have a suggestion? I'm hoping to get the data in a format I can use with FCP, ideally to get the data in the way it normally looks, tucked neatly in a folder labeled "private," the way the camera always does it.


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    Others here are better at this and will probably have other ideas but here's something I thought about.

    Take a look at the size of the .mts files you recovered. If they are fairly large files they might be useable. I'm assuming you are working on the recovered files not the originals. Try using something like Handbrake MPEG Streamclip.

    Either program can work with most valid mts files and convert to other formats. If you tell us a bit more about where the final video will be used we mat be able to give better advice about the format of choice.

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    MPEG Streamclip (free) should be able to convert those MTS files to a number of useful formats, so I'd say you're one download away from being all good.

    Chalk up another win for Drive Genius!

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