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Thread: my mac fonts are getting corrupted. Why?? Help?

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    Question my mac fonts are getting corrupted. Why?? Help?
    I have a QNAP server with an atom processor and am doing work for a print company. Im new to using macs and I seem to be having a bizarre problem. Heres what happens: A customer will send me a compressed file with all of their quark files/documents/fonts on it. It seems like if I touch those files at all with a PC, it corrupts them and they become 0 KB files with no data. But if i never touch them with a PC everything is fine. What is going on here?? Is this common? Makes no sense to me and I've been using and building PCs since i was 13 yrs old

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    There are two possibilities:

    1. Your antivirus software is blocking and cleansing the data that you receive from your client, probably it might contain some infections.

    2. The file is corrupt or there is issue with your unzip tool.

    If you had set automatic scan for emails or external drives through which you receive your client data, deselect this option and then try again.

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    I have to ask.... If you have a Mac (you didn't tell us which one) why are you attempting to open those files first with your PC? Your Mac is fully capable of uncompressing files that are archived. You're new to the Mac and I can understand your concern but you need to leave the PC behind and use your Mac.

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    If you're doing work for a print company and are using a PC, someone in the company has made a terrible mistake.

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