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    monitor and print out always look different in photoshop
    I can never get the right print out from photoshop. The colors are always off.
    The color on screen is always different from the print out.
    What is the correct way to print out from photoshop?
    What settings do I chose in photoshop.
    I use a Canon Pixma ip8500 printer.

    I need either a book or a program to explain to me how to get the correct color prints from photoshop.

    Please help


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    You need to Calibrate your monitor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamindaines
    You need to Calibrate your monitor.
    He's right, you need to calibrate. There are tools available called "colorimeters" that do this automatically for you, but they aren't cheap. This one from Gretag is $250 but is supposed to be an excellent device:

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    You should also be using the printer profile for the paper you are using for best results

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    Your biggest problem is using the right color profile in your documents, if you have a profile for your printer use that. If not, there are some good color profiles to use when printing. If you are using CMYK (you should be if you are printing, unless you have a RGB printer) a good color profile is U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2. Somebody will probably say something else, but I use this profile and have had great results. If you are using RGB, sRGB IEC61966-2.1. I never use RGB if im printing so I cant tell you how good this works. Other than that, calibrate your monitor and try these color profiles.

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