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    Transferring photo book to another site.
    I just completed a 93 page 12 by 12 photo book on the site. Now they tell me they don't ship to Canada, where I live, and they can't export the file to Is there any way I can import it into an iphoto book or another photo book site? I really don't want to do all this work over again.

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    Costco is a weird situation. You can buy memberships in either country interchangeably, and you can return things bought in either country's Costco stores interchangeably.

    I suspect, however, that Costco "contracts out" its online photo service to another company, which is why they won't/can't transfer the file.

    You have two options:

    a. Do the work over again on the site
    b. Have the US one mailed to a US friend who will remail it to you.

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