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    How to import from photos other than to iphoto
    I have mountain lion on a new macbookpro.
    I want to import photos to lightroom 4 and sometimes the Canon app Digital Professional Photographer but the new images from my card reader go to Iphoto. I do not want this to happen. How can i prevent this from happening?

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    This is going to sound weird ... because it is weird.

    1. Open Image Capture (it's already on your Mac).
    2. Insert your card to the card reader. If iPhoto or anything else tries to start up, just quit them.
    3. In Image Capture, there is a pop-up menu that says something like "plugging in this camera opens:" and then lets you pick whatever app you like.

    Once you've made that change, your specified app will open when you put that card in the card reader.

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