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    Mac video chat
    Suddenly today Skype won't work for me. I've found out that's because my OS is 10.5.8 and the newest Skype won't run on this. I've downloaded the older version of Skype from several different sources but still no good. I finally gave up on Skype and went to gmail where you can download a plugin called Hangout and video chat that way. Hangout tells me in system requirements that it should work but I get a message saying Hangouts doesn't support video calls on this version of Mac OS. Is there any way to video chat with my friend who has a newer Mac besides Skype? I don't have an iPhone because can't afford the extra monthly billing for internet connec. Just getting along with my iMac. Thanks!

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    IChat-it would be on your Mac already.

    You could also buy a used iPod rather than buying an iPhone, "faces" is the IOS ichat app

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    video chat
    Thnks, great advice, I appreciate it!

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