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Thread: Adobe Photoshop CS RAM question

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    Nov 08, 2004
    Adobe Photoshop CS RAM question
    I just recently bought this program and was going to buy RAM after I had tried it out. And it runs a bit slow, what upgrade should I get?
    I have 512 right now on an ibook G4 1.33 with the usual graphics card!
    Thanks for the help

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    I would by as much RAM as you can for the iBook... not sure how much it can handle...

    I have 8 GB in my PowerMac... :dive:

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    Dec 10, 2005
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    I have 1GB in my ibook g4 1.07. It runs photoshop a lot faster compared to the 512mb that I once had in it.

    I've always wonder what it would be like to use photoshop on a powermac with 8gb.

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    Processing files in photoshop does depend greatly on the file size your working with. Also, it helps to have a partition of your hard drive set up as a scratch disk.
    I would suggest 1 gig RAM min. The more the better of course.

    I only have 6.5 gig in the G5

    When working with large files (90 mb and up), it can still take time to process certain functions.

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