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    So I bought PS Elements 11.......
    and I now seek some general advice......

    Should I import all my pictures from iPhoto?

    Will I lose all my "Faces" and "Events"

    Do people generally just quietly drop iPhoto out of the equation altogether?

    Any idea of preferred method of doing things?

    Thanks Mitcherooney

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    I've been using elements for about 3 years now and yes, it replaced iPhoto for me. I also now use Lightroom 3 though still very much learning with that.

    Elements has face recognition. Can't remember what happened to events but I've a feeling it just imported all the photos in one lump. I then sorted them into albums.

    I find I only use iPhoto now for photo stream.

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    I use Aperture instead of iPhoto, but believe the same applies.

    In Aperture you can set PSE up as an external editor and this is what I do--for that matter I am in process of switching to LR and have done the same. PSE is a photo editor with some file management capability. Aperture, LR and iPhoto are DAM (photo file managers) with some editing capability.

    I see no reason to abandon iPhoto, Aperture or LR for PSE, instead, PSE complements them.
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    I like Elements but HATE HATE HATE their so-called "organizer." You can continue using iPhoto to manage pictures and just set Elements as the external editor if you want to keep your Faces, Places etc as they are. Much better setup IMO than letting Adobe try to manage anything.

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    Thanks for your replies.

    I can't face the prospect of having to completely identify places, faces and events of all my photos in order to use the organiser.

    I'll take up Chas's suggestion of merely using PSE to edit them.

    Thanks again


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