I've got a fair few fonts, for the most part free downloads, and many of them display as single fonts rather than as a nice neat family (so, e.g. Fred italic, Fred Bold, Fred Bold Italic etc rather than just as Fred with a submenu to select Italic, Bold, Bold Italic etc).

Is there any way of combining these individual fonts so that they show as a family?

I use FontBook for my font management, and i realise this goes someway to organising your fonts for you but - I'd like to see the font family name displayed in the application rather than a list of all the variations.

It's 'cosmetic' - as the applications work fine if the fonts are individually listed - i just find them messy looking and would like to have the application lists tighter and neater.

This is for home use - i'm not in a heavy pre-press environment, for the most part i just enable/disable a few of the more esoteric fonts from time to time - so i have a fairly stable set of fonts that i use regularly and i'd rather not have the font list running off the bottom of the page when it could all be nicely compacted if i could combine some of the fonts into families.

Running Mountain Lion - and using Photoshop CS3 (primarily).

FontForge was suggested as a possible solution - but it looks a bit like rocket science just to get it installed, and i'm not even sure it would do the job i want it to anyway!

Any advice much appreciated...