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Thread: Lighting gear

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    Lighting gear
    Hey guys I'm starting to get into studio Photography and was wondering if anyone could recommend some light stands and stuff.

    Maybe also lights for Video? Not even sure where to begin.

    I was thinking about maybe getting three of these or two and then getting a boom stand. Just want a simple setup for three point lighting. These are kind of short, maybe something 8' or higher.

    Thanks guys.

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    I would say those stands are too short unless you only photograph children. 8 feet is the minimum with 10 feet preferred. The type of stand will really depend on what type of lights you are going to use. Are you going to go the speedlight route or something bigger like Alien Bee's? Studio lights are much heavier especially when you start sticking modifiers on.

    This is a great site to start with Strobist

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