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    Please Help! iMac G5 won't comm. with scanner
    I have a Canoscan LiDE 50 and it worked fine on my eMac but I recently purchased an iMac G5 and it worked on and off for a while but now I keep getting an error message stating that it cannot communicate with the scanner. It's driving me nuts!

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    You may try going to the Cannon website and checking for an updated driver. that would be my second thought...My first thought is to make sure it is plugged in correctly, restart both computer and scanner and reinstall the scanner driver.
    If you have run a OS X system update around the time you started having problems, then I would lean toward it needing an updated driver....hopefully there is one if that is the problem.
    Lastly you could plug your scanner model keywords into Google and see if anyone else is posting problems like you are having. G5's are pretty new still, maybe it is a problem with no driver update yet....
    Anyway, good luck.

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