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    Is it possible to get Instagram onto a Macbook Pro? It appears to be a iPad iPhone app.

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    You cannot get the app to run on OS X -- it is for iOS (despite being made by the same company and being quite similar, they are in fact two different operating systems).

    There is no Instagram app for the Mac (or Windows). The company's emphasis has been on mobile devices and with the acquisition by Facebook I do not expect that to change.

    There are a number of third-party apps that you can use to add effects to your photos with Instagram-like looks. I would previously have suggested you look at the excellent Snapseed for Mac ($20) and it is still available, but Google have decided to kill it. Still, I think it's terrific -- effects for when you want them, but serious photo improvement tools for actually making photo better as well. Snapheal is also well-regarded in this way.

    You might also look into FX Color Studio Pro ($20), available on the Mac App Store. It concentrates on Instagram-like effects.

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