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    Exclamation Is this possible on a mac/iPad?
    i'm working a dance competition and need to have viewing stations for the parents to see the photos throughout the day so i can throw the routines on a usb drive and they can take them home before the day is over.
    The routines need to be organized by number so it can't just be a continuous stream because some competitions have over 300 routines and that would mean over 120000 photos to search through.
    is there an app that will allow me to do this with a macbook and an ipad? I would download the photographer's card onto the laptop and need to share it with 5 ipads.
    is this possible? and how would i do it?
    thank you so much!!

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    There are a few different ways you can achieve that.

    You can start by uploading the photos onto the MacBook using Image Capture. Save them into a folder named Competition Photos/Routine xxx (where xxx is the routine number).

    Now you can either:
    1. Upload these to some form of Internet storage (though that will mean uploading which can be slow, is dependant on an Internet connection and means the iPads will need to download them).
    2. Create a local wifi network and have the iPads join that. Then share out the Competition Photos folder. There are many apps on iPad that can view photos in shared folders like this.
    3. Use an app like photo sync to copy the photos wirelessly to the iPads and view as per option 2

    There are other ways these are just a selection.

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