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    iPhoto/iMovie upgrades, PSE6 compatible?
    Hello All,

    A couple of weeks ago I received a promotion to up grade iPhoto & Imovie. I have a 4 yr. old iMac, updated to snow leopard last year to Version 10.6.8, Intel Core 2 duo. Considering the next up grade, Lion. I just started using iMovie for you tube presentations, really love it!

    Question; if I up grade the iPhoto/iMovie and Lion, will PSE 6 be compatible any more? My instinct says no. I use it from time to time to edit art work and photos. When I need PS I really NEED it. I just can't afford the price tag of buying the latest PS.

    Question; will the up grades to iPhoto give me some of the PSE6 functions such as cloning, merging images, blending?
    Question; Will the iMovie upgrade be compatible with the movies I have already made?
    I am considering investing in the $20 to get 30 days of customer service to help with all of this, but I wanted to put the questions here to see if anyone has experience with these issues/questions.
    Thanks in advance for any help!



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    I'd be very suspicious of the "promotion to upgrade iPhoto and iMovie" -- Apple is not running any such promotion, unless you mean you've simply received some email encouragement to upgrade either or both of those programs. I'm also very suspicious of this $20 get 30 days of customer service -- Apple doesn't make that offer either as far as I'm aware.

    PSE6 runs fine on my machine with 10.8.2, but you really should upgrade (as should I) to PSE10 (or is it 11 now), the latest version. There is upgrade pricing available ($80) versus the retail price of $100+

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