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Thread: Iphoto 8 upgrade

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    Iphoto 8 upgrade
    I have Iphoto 8 and wanted to upgrade to iPhoto 11. I went to the app store on Apple website but when I clicked to buy it said that I had to upgrade to iPhoto 9.2. Does that mean that I have to buy 9 then buy 11 also?

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    It's confusing, so don't blame yourself for being confused.

    The name of the product is iPhoto '11 -- note the apostrophe, meant to imply a year (2011). The iWork and iLife products are the only ones Apple makes that use this metaphor, which is very "Microsoft."

    Anyway, because the product's name refers to the year in which it was released/updated, the actual *version number* of the product is not the same as the year. So iPhoto '11 is also iPhoto 9.4.2 (that's the version I have, but I'm on Mountain Lion). Similarly, Microsoft Word 2011 is actually version 14.something.

    I think Apple now knows that was a mistake, but it was a goof they made years ago so we're stuck with it now ...

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