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Thread: Document Scanners for the Mac

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    Document Scanners for the Mac
    I'm interested in a document scanner for the Mac. I have seen the Fujitsu ScanSnap -- I think it's way overpriced for what it is.

    I wonder what others' experience has been with other models, etc?


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    No experience with it but there is Neat Desk.

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    Neat Desk might work well, but in my opinion it's overpriced. You can do better (without the Neat Desk software) for what it costs. ($399.95)

    See the following MacWorld Buyer's Guide for Document Scanners: LINK

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    I am also in the market for a document scanner. I have done some research and find that a number of people are having problems on MAC with the Neatdesk software. I also checked out the Mac World buyer's guide for document scanners and see that they really don't "recommend" and specific unit, but only give tips on what to look for. They do show a few units but don't expand on them. Does anyone own or use any of these units who can give us a "first hand" review of the hardware and software? What does the software do anyway? Does it automatically file the document for you, or does it just convert it to a PDF and you file it yourself? Any info will help.

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    These days I mostly need to scan some receipts and business cards, that sort of thing.

    For the latter purpose, I have ABBYY Business Card Reader on my iPhone. Take a picture of the item, the program pulls the relevant info and puts it into Contacts.

    For receipts and other items, I'm currently using GeniusScan which does not do OCR but does straighten, crop and save images of items again using the iPhone's camera. There is quite likely to be something much better specifically for receipts out there, I haven't hunted around yet.

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    May not be what you want but I use a flatbed HP Scanjet G3110 and Vuescan software. Don't really remember how much it cost but was under $200.
    The HP software is ok but not for what I wanted. If you scan everything to pdf and use something like PDFPen Pro it does a pretty good job.
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