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    Need help with confusion
    If this has been discussed please link me. I am so confused on if now is a bad time to by a new mac. I have an older g4 450mhz, and a good pc, but I want to get a BETTER mac. I have thought of just getting a g4 powermac that is newer like a mdd, and beef it up. Now lately I have also thought the route of a powerbook g4, new or used. I mainly need whichever it will be for heavy photoshop use. With all this new stuff coming out with intel and all makes it a tuff decision to buy new. If I go with a mdd powermac g4, or a powerbook, would it be considered dinosaur bones before long with the intels out? Also those who use photoshop a bunch, which would you recomend a powermac, or powerbook. I was just thinking it'd be nice to have a pb to take with me when out doing photography.

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    I work with photoshop all day long. I also am the creative director for a lifestyles magazine. I have a team of designers. I use an Imac g5 for the most part. I also work in all kinds of programs such as dreamweaver and aftereffects. I know how you feel about your g4. I have a g4 500mhz powerbook at home. The new intel systems are going to be really kick ***. But for the most part is over kill for photoshop. Any of the new g5 computers or intel or newer g4 powerbooks will do well. What you need to worry about is ram and harddrive space. Yes a g4 or g5 will soon be looked at as dinosours but all computers will be. So I try to go with the bang for the buck. What can you get for the budget that has a fast g4, g5 or whatever chip... What ram you can get better be a gig or more... What hard-drive space you need... Do you need a burner? Thats what is important. Ask yourself what do you need to do with your computer and then ask what do I really need to get that job done. I am sure you can still do that job on the g4 you have. If you are scared to move sit it out for a while and see what happends. The new chips im sure are great. Mac does take care of there buyers and will not leave you alone in all of this. Do keep in mind that when new technology comes out its much like running your finger along the edge of a blade. You could get cuz and bleed or you might not.

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    If I was in your shoes I would go for the powerbook. Eventhough, the macbook pro is really fast and learning from experience, it won't run photoshop any faster than our poor old macs. Atleast not anytime soon, probably not until the next version of photoshop.
    Do some research about the differance of the two, find their pros & cons.
    Searching these forums will really help you decide.

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    Thanks guys! Great advice. I am still pondering this idea and this helps. I am thinking of selling my g4 pm, and my pc stuff, to put money towards a newer mac. I really like the idea of getting a powerbook! I was just wondering of it's gonna be good enough for the workflow. I definetly will probably need the superdive.
    I am assuming there won't be an issue of screen calbrating for photoshop.

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