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    Printing from JPEGS vs Media Card?
    Hi, I just got the iLife '06 and it is awesome. Worth buying.

    I went on vacation and I went to CVS and printed off some pictures that I ran through iPhoto.

    The pictures that I printed off the Lexard 256mb card from my digital camera were AWESOME. However, the ones I printed from the CD of MPEGS that I downloaded from iPhoto, they are all grainy and blurry.

    Could it be that the photos that I altered via iPhoto are screwed up? Has anyone else had this happen to them. On iPhoto they all look fine.

    Any help would be much appreciated as I have 9 people bugging me for prints of the photos.


    A Mac

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    I think your problem is the images from iphoto are set at a 72dpi. I have this problem with iphoto too. I don't know if there is a way to change the dpi settings. Does anyone know?
    The images on your card are probably set at a 150dpi or 300dpi thats why they look good.
    Images set at 72dpi are for monitors, web. To print good quality photos, the dpi should be set at 150 up, the higher the better.
    What I use to d/l my images from the camera to the mac is photoshop or digital photo professional (<-- that program came with my canon). I also have my camera set to RAW.

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    Thanks! I looked on iPhoto and I don't know how to change the DPI.

    If anyone knows how to, please help.
    A Mac

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