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    Which one is better?
    Which program do u guys think is better and which program should be use to do wat. The Adobe Illustrator CS 2 and the Macromedia FreeHand MX. Thanks! :headphone

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    Definitely Adobe Ilustrator CS2. Even though Freehand is still very good you will find more things like plug ins for Illustrator and the excellent Live Trace feature. Also as Adobe now owns Macromedia so I think they'll be phasing out Freehand in place of Illustrator, so support for the program will be better with Adobe Illustrator CS2. Hope this clears up a few things.
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    Oh.. thats great.. I'll stick to my Illustrator. I'm pretty new to illustrator as most of the time i'm juz using photoshop.. There's alot to learn.. haha :teen:

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    I preferr Adobe Illustrator over Freehand.... Unless, I am developing a large project in FLASH, then I might use both apps.

    Since Adobe acquired Macromedia, I wonder what the future holds for Freehand? Anyone?

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    I guess most prolly they might stop developing Freehand.. or.. They might juz merge freehand and illustrator to come up with another product to replace this 2 programs. Possible?

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    I started learning Freehand first, then Illustrator. To begin with Illustrator is better handling text while Freehand is better when using the pen tool.

    That was a few years ago and with practice they're about the same. Freehand does handle gradients a lot better than Illustrator, plus you can easily import to flash for animating. Hopefully now that Adobe owns Freehand and Flash this will be incorporated into Illustrator better

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