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    Converting .jpg to .png
    I've got a whole load of files I need to change from .jpg format and save to .png. Rather then opening them all up in PS and saving them as .png individually, is there a quicker way I can do it?


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    Yeah - do it with automator! ( OS X 10.4)
    Just drag the 'get selected finder items' action and then use (Preview's) "change type of images" action.

    Save this as a plug-in or application and viola! You're done.

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    You can use GraphicConverter X's batch function to do what you want.
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    Are there any othwer free programmes because I don't have automator and when using GC, all the .png's only open up using GC.

    Please help

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    After you convert them to .png's in GC, you have to go back and change the default for .png's back to PS. Apple key + I on a .png, look for the "default app" in the resulting window, use the drop-down to select PS, make sure you check the box that says "Apply to all".

    If you are using Tiger, you have Automater.

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    If you want to keep it's true color, i would suggest doing it the old fashion way in PS.

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    I use Imagewell (4 mice by Macworld) and it's free.

    Very cool and easy to use.

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