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    Adobe Lightroom beta
    for those of you who take pictures in RAW format (you may have seen my post earlier enquiring about a RAW converter) Adobe has pre-launched a beta version of adobe light room which is free to download at

    only availiable for mac at the moment and a small dmg download it works pretty well although not the best program usability wise.

    the current beta works till june and i anticipate more updates to take us till the end of the year.

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    I have tried it and prefer Aperture much better. Unless Adobe greatly improved on it I wont be buying it and will be sticking to my 500$ purchase of Aperture (which i probably will no matter how good LightRoom becomes because it WAS 500$ and I know Apple will always update it to compete with Adobe).

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    CS 2 also does a good deal on raw files.

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