Hey there,

For one of my university projects I am creating a digital interactive presentation on the coral reefs; including such things as the reef life that lives there, information on the reefs etc etc...

My presentation is aimed at children and adults alike as a pre-learning medium for families wishing to visit The Deep (www.thedeep.co.uk) and will include a section with a few educational games in.

Here's where it gets technical,

I am looking to create a simple game where the user has to drag a fish into a certain area (say a box) - kind of like a "help the fish get back to their homes" game where if the user completes it correctly a message will come up saying well done, and if they get one wrong it will say sorry, try again etc...

Can anyone help me figure out the lingo code to create such a thing?

Kind Regards

Chris <Waiting Anxiously> :mac: