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    Trouble Uploading Images?
    If you're having trouble uploading images you can always host the picture offsite and link to it. You may get web space through your ISP or if you have .Mac.

    If you don't have your own space there are free options available to you:

    I would also invite any users of these services to comment on them in this thread so others know what might work best for them.
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    i have.mac but I can not figure out how to link pictures because it seems to bring you only to a the pages with more than one image on them how do you link a single picture? I'll try and see if an upload works on here ( it hasn't for me lately)

    EDIT: LOL NOW IT WORKS FIGURES I can still use the other way if someone tells me how.
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    so I was wondering if it was possible to change a php picture into a picture that works with preveiw??? such as jpg, img one of those

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