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    An annoying default function in iPhoto?

    This has always been on my nerves since I've use iPhoto. When I import my photos, iPhoto automatically makes a ''chain'' of files to the images


    2005 > 11 > 27 > the images appear > Originals and Thumbs

    I've endevoured to the change digits that makes the chain of files, when I do, the images become corrupted (they won't appear when you double click). Then I have to transfigure them to original before it becomes viewable. Is there way around this?

    Secondly, when I want to import 200 photos from my camera, I don't want the default function of collecting a load of unnecessary ''Thumb'' photos. I end up having to go through each file and delete. Can you stop this?

    Many thanks


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    In the "Help" of iPhoto, one of the first things it says is "Don't tamper with the filing system in Pictures/iPhotoLibrary."

    iPhoto uses these folders as a "filing cabinet" so that it can access pictures faster. It's in these folders that it also saves the changes you make to a photo, along with a backup so that you can "revert to original".

    If you can, import with ImageCapture, a default program on MacOSX. It doesn't import into iPhoto, but whenever you want you can drag-drop into iPhoto.

    This will allow you to sort your photos however you'd like on your HD, then use iPhoto to view them.
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    Many thanks for that. I'll try the alternative you suggested.


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    iPhoto 6 has the option to not import photos into the iPhoto folder structure
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