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    Hey guys - so it is well known that the way iPhoto organizes your photos is whack, but can someone tell me where I might be able to find my original photos once they're downloaded?

    I looked in my iPhoto Library folder and looked through all the sub-folders and it seems terribly inconsistent. Some dates have an "Originals" folder, some don't... and most of the ones that do, don't have any files in them. The few originals that I've found don't seem to be in any particular folder... they're just strewn about.

    Anyone know where I can find them, so I can pull them out of the iPhoto library and put them in normal ole folders.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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    You can go into the "iPhoto Library" folder, then from there in the search, type in one of these, one at a time to make sure you get all your pics -- jpg, jpeg, tiff, etc. Then click on the button above, which says Folder "iPhoto Library". This will search the folder for the picture files. The results will be short, so near the bottom click on (number of pics) more....

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