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Thread: Resizing Multiple Images

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    Resizing Multiple Images
    I need to resize multiple images to a certain size and it takes ages doing them seperately in PS. Are there any other free programmmes I can use that resize multiple images all at once to a certain size?

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    If you using Tiger (OSX 10.4.x) then you should have Automator which will be able to resize the images for you. Have a look on the apple website and watch the demo- That'll explain it better.
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    If you're on OS Tiger:

    1. Right click on the desktop.
    2. Select "Automator" >> "Create Workflow"
    3. The default action is "Get selected Finder items", it will have your desktop selected, click the small "-" icon to get the Desktop off of the action.
    4. On the left panel find "Preview >> Scale images"
    5. Add this action to the workflow via drag and drop.
    6. Set the scaling of the pics.
    7. You can either add a "Copy to..." action (in Finder), or just let the new files write over the old ones, that's up to you...

    Good luck!
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    i have an app called image reize but it can only do single images at the moment, but it's still faster than PS. once i find more time to develope it, it will be able to do multiple images and folders etc.

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    plus you can do resize the images manually in Graphic Convertor really quickly compared to PS. But I'd give Automator a go its an excellent bit of software.
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    a really quick way to resize images if they are the same size in ps is to make a new image paste all of the images onto it in seperate layers and then link them all press apple + t to transform the size. resize and relocate to the corner. crop the size of the pic to where you have resized it and then flatten and save as jpg, gif or tiff. then just undo and hide the top layer. flatten again and save etc. it still does take a while but its not that hard.just remember to change the saved name when you do it

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    You could just create a new action for resizing to that size (or several for different sizes with different names), I have one for resizing for web use down to 800pxl wide. It takes about no time to perform, if you are unfamiliar with creating your own actions its quite simple and explained in the PS help menu.

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    that was neat and painless. Thanks

    What's the equivalent of IrfanView for the Mac? (Though there is supposedly a Mac version in development)

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    Easiest way I know is to easily setup an Action in Photoshop and then do a Batch work thingy.

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    Install Imagemagick
    Make a copy of all files you want to resize into a folder
    open a terminal
    navigate to that folder
    "mogrify -resize 128x128 *.*" replace 128x128 with the geometry you want. You can also do percent. i.e. "mogrify -resize 25% *.*"

    Note: this command replaces the original in the folder so making a copy is an important step.

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    I was thinking the same thing as Books. Just create a simple resize and save action in PS, then use it to batch process whatever folder contains the images.

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    aperture has an easy export to certain size constraints and file type.

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    IrfanView for Mac
    Quote Originally Posted by Steve1
    that was neat and painless. Thanks

    What's the equivalent of IrfanView for the Mac? (Though there is supposedly a Mac version in development)
    For the past 2 months I have been downloading all the free image viewers
    I can find to get the same kind of utilities that Irfan View had. Irfan View is
    only available for PC. I tried XnView a long time ago but had problems starting
    it and it wasn't worth the hassle. I tryed XnView again and discoverd an easy way to start it.

    Create a folder with XnView and X11 in it. Then all you have to do is grab
    X11 and drop it on top of XnView and they will both open immediately.

    XnView has about the same features as Irfan View like creating a
    Panorama (linking many pictures together to make one picture), Rename,
    Resize, Contact Sheet, and Crop.

    Thank You XnView just wish we could start it without X11.


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