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Thread: Hiding Pics in iPhoto

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    Hiding Pics in iPhoto
    Merry Christmas. I have a bit of a problem.

    I have a lot of pics in my iPhoto that I don't want anyone to see (mainly my girl).

    Besides archiving them onto a CD, is there any way to create an album and then lock the album where the pics ALSO do not appear in the library?

    I hate having to pull out a disk so I can look at porn. LOL

    A Mac

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    No: I don't think iPhoto has a lock or hide function.
    But you could right click on iPhoto (or any other app), open the package and hide your photos in there.

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    why not just save the pics in a folder somewhere on your HD where she won't find them, and open them in Preview when you want to see them? Do you need to have them in iphoto?

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    create another user on your computer and use that for all of your things you want no one to see
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    i dont remember

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    You use iPhoto for porn?..

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