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Thread: Desktop Themes?

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    Desktop Themes?
    hi guys. I see the desktop customization thread, but no one screwing with changing themes, colors, etc of their mac

    i found that one prog, shapeshifter? and the free one..but i cant find any themes for mac osx.4.3..does it matter? or no? er what? i think itd be neat to darken my mac up a bit
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    Actually, there are quite a few people who have changed more than just the desktop picture, myself included.
    I use ShapeShifter. And yes, you can use themes designed for older versions of OS X.
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    whats the free program you are talking about other than shapeshifter

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    Apr 11, 2005
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    maybe its just shape shifter then, i thought there was another

    ok i was afraid id f up my mac real good if i didnt use the version for mine..but does that mean i can go and get like osx.3 themes?
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