Hello to all! I'm new to this forum.

I have a large QuarkXPress document which has a lot of fonts in it (don't blame me, I received it as is, and I must not modify it in any way). There are some font related problems (some are faulty, some have only screen fonts, etc.), and the document won't print in any way due to PostScript errors. I tried everything (export to PDF, export page as EPS and distilling it, fooling around with printer settings), but none of them worked.
But I want just a draft print for proofreading, and don't care about missing or faulty fonts, just the text must not reflow.
Is there a non-postscript way to print the document? The MS-Windows printer drivers have two versions: one PS and one PCL. How to force a Mac to print PCL-style (without RIP-ing a PS-file in the driver)?

I have both MacOS 9 with QuarkXPress 4.1 and MacOS X with QuarkXPress 6.0 (the original document was saved in QXP 4.0) and a HP LaserJet 5100.