I've used aperture 3 for quite some time now (over a year) and liked it , then several days ago I got a msg that an update was out (3.3) after the update I found out I couldn't import from iPhoto anymore (because I had iPhoto 9) ..The update should have said I would need iPhoto 11 (which cost me $14.99) .. Anyway now after the install of iPhoto 11 aperture 3.3 sees iPhoto library so I think all is good .. Last night I popped the CF card out of the camera in to remove a couple of hundred pics , I work on some in aperture 3.3 and I'm ready to upload them to Smugmug and I get a msg on screen that the I couldn't upload because you can't upload the originals ( I thought the originals were never touched in aperture only copys)
Anyway I go back into aperture and the 5 best shots that I tried uploading are gone ..?.. Not in the library or in trash ..?.. These pics were VERY VERY hard to get Kingfishers in perfect light (over my left shoulder) at 840mm I'm more than a little disappointed ..

The rest of the pics have a little box in the lower right with a red line thru it .. any ideas..?