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    Photo Cleaning Program (Auto) Request
    Hi All,

    Can anyone direct me to a good, but fairly auto, photo cleaning program? I want to be able to get rid of marks etc that are not part of the original picture.


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    Can you explain in more detail what you mean by "marks"?

    Are these photos you've scanned in, or ... ?

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    Thanks VERY much for the reply! These are either photos I've scanned or magazine articles/pictures. What I mean is if there's some marks on the pictures, say a dot, then I'd like to get rid of them. I believe there are programs that can look over your pictures and notice things that shouldn't be there and get rid of them. Example, if there's a black dot on white background and the majority of the background it white, I'm looking for something that will get rid of the black dot. Hope that makes sense!

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    Aperture is good at cloning out marks, as is Photoshop Elements. Lightroom has limited cloning abilities, but can easily remove spots and blemishes with its spot healing tool. Photoshop CS 5 is great at it, but could be overkill if all you need is to remove a few specs or marks.


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    iPhoto (the default photo management program that came on your Mac) has an easy "retouch" option that's rather crude by professional standards but easily removes small blemishes in photos.

    For more advanced retouching, you'd probably want to look at something like Photoshop Elements, which can work in harmony with iPhoto or with some other organizer if you prefer.

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    Thank You both VERY, VERY much for your assistance!

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