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Thread: screen capturing for tutorials.

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    screen capturing for tutorials.
    Hi all,

    i have been on youtube for most of the weekend as i am new to the Final Cut Pro X family. i have watched a million and one tutorials on how to to use, and fair enough, i feel competent. I have a few friends on Facebook who like a recent project, albeit basic. I was wandering what would be the best screen capturing software for me to actually show them, and would prefer if it had audio recording too. Price isn't really an issue as i know mac stuff is not cheap, but would prefer something reliable and of good value... any helpers?

    cheers in advance


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    oh my god! so it does thank you McYukon... Appreciated. the things we learn.

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    Screenflow is fantastic. You can edit directly in the app and you can also pre-prep it before you export to Final Cut as well. Screenflow gives you many options that some of the other apps don't. You can highlight the foreground window and zoom it up while blurring the background out and much more. The pricetag is kind of steep if you don't plan to use it very often, but if you know you'll utilize it quite a bit, then it's totally worth it.

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