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    I do light graphic design and website freelance work. I am looking for a refurbished Apple desktop that would handle Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, Apple Motion and occasional 3d Software. I've had laptops for years, but I am not in need of the portability. I have roughly about $1,000 for my budget. I am looking for professional advice as to what works well with some of your situations. I like the iMac G5, with the 9600, the 128 MB video ram, the larger hard drives and the superdrive. I'm just having a hard time deciding between the 2 GHZ Imac g5 for $949, or the 1.42 GHZ Emac for $799. They each have the same hard drives, video cards, ram, but the difference is the display and the processor. These are big differences, I know. The G5 will probably last longer, and not get outdated as quickly. I am also a little bit hesitant since Apple has discontinued the Emac line. Please let me know what's working for you guys; I would really appreciate the real world advice.

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    I would definitely go for the iMac

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    I am leaning in that direction. The $149 difference isn't nearly worth the long term advantages of the G5. Thanks!

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    Like Murlyn said, go with the iMac. The G5 is a lot faster for some of the apps you will be running. Motion especially would be a LOT better on the G5 iMac. You also get a nice flat screen display included.

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    if you can afford the difference in the 2, i would get the iMac.

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    Now, what about the motherboards crapping out, and the loud fan issues? Are those still prevalent with the older generation iMac G5s?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPOW05
    Now, what about the motherboards crapping out, and the loud fan issues? Are those still prevalent with the older generation iMac G5s?
    Well, as you know, ANY computer is prone to breakdowns or hardware failrue/problems. I don't recall ever hearing about any widespread epidemic of logic board failure on iMacs. And there is a fix for the fan issue on the Apple's support site. But, if you are that greatly concerned about possible or potential problems, each refurbished Mac comes with the same one year warranty that a new one does. Plus, you can still get the extended APP for it anytime within the first year. :black:
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    Fellas, I broke down and got the Imac G5. Too, too sweet. This makes the most sense, especially in the long run. I got the wife to agree, so that's even better.

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