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    Illustrator to Label Matrix
    I work in packaging and we set up our labels in Illustrator and then save them as a PCX file. The PCX file in placed in Label Matrix to add bar code, lot, etc. The problem is that you can not save a PCX file from Illustrator any more. I have to open in Illustrator 10 to save the PCX. I am looking for an easier way.

    Anyone have experience with Label Matrix? You are suppose to be able to use a JPEG, but we have not been able to get that to work.

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    Graphic converter will be able to convert any Jpegs you create with Illustrator, well it can open and convert just about any image format you can name.

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    I tried Graphic Converter. For some reason when opening the file saved from there, it gives an error message: not a valid picture format. (in Label Matrix )
    Any ideas?

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    Did you try any other file formats? Their website suggests it can accept more than just jpg or pcx

    "Graphic formats import (bmp, pcx, jpg, tif, etc.)"

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