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    Problems burning Photo CD
    I'm having problem's burning photo-cd's in order to take them in to be printed. Part of the problem is that iPhoto burns the photo 2-3 for the Library, one for the Album, and sometimes one if it's been altered (ie. red-eye reductions) so when I take it in, there are three versions of the photo, thus making it really annoying the select the would be ideal to burn just the one there any way to burn just an album? my e-mail is


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    what i do is export the photos to a folder somewhere else. then, i burn the photos that have been exported to the folder. i delete them after they are burned, because they are already in iPhoto. you can do this to an album. open up the album, use command + a to select them all and the shift + Command + e to export. select export to file, use any file on the harddrive you want . then drag the file to the blank cd icon and then burn.

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