hi guys, i have the demo of extensis suitcase, and so far, thank god i didnt pay for it.

I have a thousand some fonts in a folder on macintosh HD2. All are .ttf.

now i tried just making one huge folder, but that crashes it. So i made a buncha little ones in sizes of 100's or so. Anytime i try to activate ANYTHING, i get the classic "there are fonts in the suitcase Font.name.tff that conflict with the system folder. To activate your fonts, you must manage them with the manage System Fonts feature"

Well thats great and all, itd be even better if that feature WORKED!. If i click on some fonts to click "manage with suitcase" the progress bar never finishes.

I weeded out ALL the duplicates. Boy did that take awhile.

SO far ive had 0 use of this program. Anyone help me out? otherwise im lookin elsewhere.

thanks in advance guys.