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    IMac memory problems
    I have an IMac system 9.2. Everytime I try to work with pictures from my new Pentax Optio digital camera, I get a memory error. I spoke with Pentax customer sipport. They were unable to help me because they said it was a computer problem. I can see the pictures on the computer, but can't do much with them because of the memory error. They said that this has been a problem before for their customers and although the rep couldn't remember how to do it, he said that there was a way around it. He mentioned something about mirroring the memory (preferences?). Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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    You don't give the specs for your iMac but it sounds like you are short on RAM memory. You can work around this by activating (or increasing) Virtual Memory in the Memory control panel. Since virtual memory uses empty space on the hard disk it is slower than actual RAM. The real solution is to buy more RAM.

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