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    Unhappy iPhoto Problems - gray thumbnails and very slow
    I recently upgraded to iPhoto 5.0.4. Ever since then the programme has been running particularly slowly and alot of the thumbnails are blank and gray. As soon as the screen gets to one of these gray thumbnails the programme almost freezes up. I have tried rebuilding the library and it has made no difference whatsoever and it's now getting very frustrating to the point that I can't use it at all.
    I would truly appreciate any advice as I use iPhoto often and now can't and I don't want to lose any of my photos.
    Please help!!
    Many thanks neye:

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    Just checking, have you repaired permissions after you updated iPhoto. Sometime just running disk utiltiy to repair permissions resolves some problems.
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    I'm getting this as well with 5.0.4.
    The thumbs are OK when I open iPhoto, but gradually disappear as I scroll up and down the library.

    I wonder if it is a memory problem as the thumb appears momentarily, but then goes grey.


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    this seems to discribe the problem I am having, 6 months of using a nikon D70 has made iphoto take forever to load and work with photos, it's unusable now, worthless.

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    Hmm, I don't think so in my case. Library.iPhoto is only 9.6MB in size and I only use a Canon Digital Ixus.

    I may have to go back to using iView exclusively, which would be a pity as iPhoto has some nice features.

    I'll see what it is like after I upgrade to Tiger.


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    I have iPhoto 06 and after several months using mac iPhoto starts to perform very slow (to start up that is). Not just that it seems to cause other applications to perform slowy as well. Quite annoying.

    I found this thread and checked my library.iphoto file and its quite big: 90.1MB. I acquired d50 2 months ago and what I remember is that if im not mistaken thats approximately when iphoto starts to perform slow. Its not mentioned in the article but its pretty old article as well. I now have 4000something pictures in my library.

    Are there no solution for this slowness of iPhoto? I really like the program but it seems now that I cant use it further in the future to keep my photos..

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    iphoto and itunes are on my "do not use" list as a recent switcher.
    any program that decides where it wants to keep my stuff (and create duplicates without asking me) is not for me.

    i simply created many folders with wel defined purposes in my "pictures" folder (where the iphoto library folder lives), and use one of a few different programs to view, sort or edit them (xee, image plus, photoshop elements and bridge).

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