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Thread: A logo for my band?

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    Feb 09, 2005
    A logo for my band?
    Hey everyone

    I hope to soon set up a site for my band and we need a logo.One that will be the faceof the band, featured on the site, the merchandise etc.

    I was wondering would anyone be willing to create a logo and a few graphics for us?

    We are pretty much broke but I suppose wecould offer you about 40-50euro.

    Just to give you an idea of the style we are looking for:

    The name of the band is downfall.

    Help with creating the website would be great too. We would be very greatful



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    do you sound anything like these bands? if so lmk when if you get some demos up on a site.

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    I may be able to help you... it depends.

    This is my new website

    It is due to be launched properly in the coming days taking over the existing design at

    I do a lot of work in Painter and Photoshop.

    Vicky :flower:

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    Feb 09, 2005
    hey, thanks for the replies.

    Yeah, we play alot of killswitch, chimaira, arch enemy etc.

    Lil serenity I like the site. .......... But we need something kind of.... dark, evil..... however, you have to bear in mind we're not like maryln manson, slayer etc.

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    i could probably make one...
    here's my band logos on t-shirts
    easy make in fireworks:
    (i'm not advertising :])
    i can do like anything almost...
    i got some pretty cool fonts and stuff.
    you guys like punk rock?
    or are you like emo or something...

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