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Thread: Iphoto problem

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    Iphoto problem
    Ok so everything was going good for my iphoto library but i thought i would try to do some orginazation.... So first i went into finder and clicked pictures then i saw that all of my pictures were spread around in weird folders like 08, 07 and so on, so i took the picutres out of those folders and made new folders for them. Then i created a workflow to rename all of the pictures using automator. After i moved all of my pictures out of there old location and into there new location i deleted the old location folders (because they were just folders), then i opened up iphoto and none of my pictures where there!!! They are still on my computer except they are in the folders i created..... I tried to add them to my library and it says "the following files can not be imported"
    so what is going on??? i cant seem to figure it out.. all of my pictures are on the harddrive but i cant get them into Iphoto Please help?!?!?! thanks for any response

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    I'm pretty sure iPhoto uses file allocations such as: HD/Users/you/pictures/05/file.jpg.

    So if you moved those around iPhoto won't be able to find the photos anymore.

    As for putting them back into your library...when you moved all the pictures around did you delete any of the originals on accident? Some of those pictures aren't really .jpg they are some wierd filename that shows them as thumbnails...I'm not sure.
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    Okay i got the problem fixed, if anyone is having this same issue what you have to do is hold command and option and click iphoto in you dock and a prompt will come up asking you to rebuild you iphoto library, make sure everything is checked and let it rebuild the library. This will fix it!

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