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    adding icons to files (not just for my own computer)

    not sure if this is the right section for this one. does anyone know how to add a customized icon to a file (in this case a pdf) so that it'll keep it when transfered to other computers - at least other macs, although, if anyone can tell me how to do it in a way that'll work for both pc and mac (if there is a way) I'd be very happy to hear of it.

    thanks very much.


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    i think it should keep the icon when going to one mac to another, but it probably will not when going to a pc, unless if you use the .ico for the icon file, then it may stay on the pc, the best way to try is to do it and test it on a pc, or a friends pc. to see if it does.

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    If you have an image that you want as the icon, then copy it to your clipboard, ctrl+click your PDF and select get info, in the box that appears you will see the name of the file at the top with a small thumbnail of the icon to the left and the file size to the right, click on the thumbnail of the icon and press cmd+v and the picture will be selected as the icon for the file.

    I have no way to test if it works in Windows though I'm afraid.

    Also, if you wish to do this with images as well as PDF's then I recommend an app calledPinky which will automatically create icons out of selected images.

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    thanks. i had done tests already and no, it doesn't transfer to even other macs. same witht the info on that link. it's just about how to change it on your own computer. thanks all the same, you guys.

    anyone else?

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