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Jonnex 10-10-2005 08:45 AM

Mac Mini, and graphics

ive got a good PC and am looking to buy a mac. i can only realistically afford the mac mini, and so im trying to find out if it will do what i would like. on my PC i use Photoshop, Flash, Director, 3D studio max, and Swift 3D. (mainly)
id like to how the mac mini will fair with each of these programs and ones similar to them? it doesnt matter massively if the performance isnt great, as ill just use my pc, but id like to be able to do some multimedia creation. i wonder if Swift 3D would perform well on a mac mini?
thanks alot for any help

Macman 10-10-2005 11:41 AM

the mini will do very well if you have plenty of ram, and 3d studio max is peecee only.
but it will run all those apps easily.

chouk 10-10-2005 12:30 PM

i use swift3d on my ibook g4. It runs ok.
I guess my ibook has almost the same specs of the mini.
get a gig of ram or more.

Tigerman 10-10-2005 01:38 PM

It should do fine as long as you ahve a lot of RAM memory and Core Image :headphone

Jonnex 10-11-2005 05:29 AM

Hi again,
thanks very much! im very pleased to see people saying ill be ok, and i guess i wouldnt want to use big 3D apps like max (even if it did run on mac!) on a laptop anyway. but if flash PS and best of all swift run- well thats superb!
one more thing.. i think ive decided to go for an ibook, as i have a desktop and 2 desktops.. well a laptop seems more bright. so to the guy who said he runs swift 3d on his ibook, what spec ibook do you have, and would i be ok with 512mb ram? (im a low budget student you see...) can i upgrade the ram later?
thanks alot again for all your help!

Jonnex 10-11-2005 05:34 AM

sheesh sorry for my terrible english and sentence structure in that last post...
anyway, will there be much difference between a 1.33 and 1.42 Ghz chips? i guess there will be some difference, but as far as i know for graphics creation the chip speed isnt massively important..?
thanks again!

Jonnex 10-11-2005 05:36 AM

eek.. sorry to post so many posts, one more question (hopefully the last)
are there any good 3d programs on the level of 3ds max for mac?
thanks again again

Macman 10-11-2005 06:07 AM

I recommend buying your laptop with the default ram, apple charges way too much for ram. you can buy the same ram and install it yourself for half the price or less from, or or isn't that huge of a difference between those 2 processor speeds.
BTW, you can click edit in the bottom right corner of your posts to add to them instead of making multiple posts.

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