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Thread: Transfer pics from one mac to another with info

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    Transfer pics from one mac to another with info

    I have about 4000 pics on my wife's macbook pro that I need to transfer to my mac pro, both are running Lion. I have named a lot of the pics, and have named a lot of the rolls. How do I transfer them and retain all of the names/info I have given them, and keep them split into the same rolls as what I have originally, on my wife's mac?

    I'm looking at the "export" option, but it only has the option to include "Title and Keywords" and "location information" but it doesn't say anything about keeping it in rolls. I do have an external HD that I will transfer to from my wife's Mac, then transfer to my Mac, once I figure out the best way to transfer the info that I need.

    Thanks much for any help.

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    1. Copy the entire iPhoto Library file (package) to the second machine in the Pictures folder. If there is already an iPhoto Library file there that you do not want to disturb, name the first one something else (anything, doesn't matter).

    2. Open iPhoto on the second machine holding the option key. You'll be prompted to create or open a new iPhoto Library. Point it at your renamed imported one. Click open.

    3. To switch libraries, hold the option key down when launching iPhoto.

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